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In Wendy’s Doghouse -Bravo’s The Spoiled Sha-huahuas of Sunset! - ( SP411N )

MJ's Shahuahua's of Sunset!

Mercedes "MJ" Javid, star of Bravo TV's Shahs of Sunset, is a luxury real estate agent, notorious party girl, and mom to two adorable Chihuahuas. In spite of her busy and drama-filled schedule, she still finds time to spoil her pets – so much so that she has a second car that she's converted into a pet mobile luxury kennel so her dogs are never bored! We sat down with MJ and her pups to talk about canine pampering, when it's okay to bark loudly, and the importance of canine cultural heritage.

WD:  So, tell us about Pablo and Julio; how did you decide on their names?

MJ:  Honestly, I stared at Pablo for two weeks until the name came to me; it just fit. The same thing happened with Julio.

WD: Why did you choose Chihuahuas – are  you a Chihuahua woman?

MJ:  I actually got these little Mexican jumping beans because my my mom and I decided that my dad needed to exercise, so we got Pablo for my dad! Pablo just fell in love with me and I fell in love with him. I'm his mom!

WD:  How do you spoil them?

MJ:  My dogs eat better than I do, actually.  They eat broiled chicken breast, white rice; sometimes they have basmati with saffron in it. My parents spoil them, so the developed this sophisticated palate.  We also do cardio together, and they stretch; we have a yoga DVD. They're really never alone, they're always stimulated or resting or exercising or wrestling each other.

WD:  If Pablo was a celebrity, who would he be?

MJ:  Pablo would be Pablo Escobar. He's a total alpha male. Julio, on the other hand, is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, so  he would be Don Corleone!

WD:  Do they have favorite collar the like to wear?

MJ:  They love this one' it's called Vegas, because it's actually three rows of gold. They like to be coordinated.

WD:  Your dogs look really similar — do they ever mix them up on the show?

MJ: Their names are reversed so every time you see Pablo, it's actually Julio, and Julio is actually Pablo.

WD: Where do Pablo and Julio hang out when they're not with you on set?

MJ: When when they're not sleeping, they are in my car; my second car is actually their car! I call it the P and J Kennel, because it really is theirs in every way; they have their own beds, their own dishes, and a little gymnasium in the back back.

WD:  Do you believe in puppy love?

MJ: Yes, I do. I don't think I've outgrown it yet.

WD: What would be your advice singles  looking for true puppy love?

MJ:  I think you should just get up every day fearless, suit up for your last day of school or first day of school and just be open and receptive. Keep your eyes open, keep your ears open, and have fun with everyone that you come in contact with.

WD:  Tell us about some of the other dogs on the show. How do they get along with Pablo and Julio?

MJ:  Mikey's Pitbull is on the show, but Pablo and Julio haven't met him yet. I'd probably introduce him to Pablo first, because he listens most of the time, especially when there are no cameras around!

WD:  So is everybody's friends on the show? Are any of you related?

MJ:  No. We've all been friends for five to twenty years. We're New Yorkers — we're loyal dogs, so to speak! I'm a Leo, and Leos are loyal; we're known for that.

WD:  What's the craziest thing these dogs have ever done?

MJ: Probably when they see a squirrel and decide to try and dart like a bat out of hell and chase it up a tree; then they realize they're not as vertically gifted as the squirrel is.  I don't think that Pablo would do so well on an electrical wires!

WD: Do you support any charities?

MJ: Yes, there are three that are really important for me. We actually participated in a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society yesterday. There's another one that's very dear to my heart and it's the Venice Family Clinic in LA, for people that are less privileged and trying to stand on their own two feet by being presentable and well-educated.I also support charities that help battered women and children, or any victims of domestic violence.

WD: Any animal charities?

MJ: I support PETA, and I'm generally in favor of any organization that supports animal welfare.

WD: Do you work like a dog?

MJ: Yeah, I'm a real estate agent. I take the dogs to my showings and they will run around in the gardens and yards.

WD: And mark their spot?

MJ: Yeah; as long as it's not on a Persian rug inside the house! They can do it on a bush.

WD: Now, Pablo and Julio certainly aren't Persian names?

MJ: No, they're not. Because they are Chihuahuas, I thought it would be respectful to the Mexican heritage to give them Mexican names.

WD: Are they Shahs of Sunset?

MJ: They are. They are the official Shah-uahuas of Sunset! They're spoiled.

WD: They have more diamonds than most women.

MJ: That's true. Yeah, they wear their Vegas collars.That's their favorite right now.

If you want to see the glamorous, pampered lives of Pablo, Julio, and MJ in action, don't miss their new show, Shahs of Sunset, on Bravo TV! New episodes air every Sunday at 10/9c, and you can visit them online any time you want at www.bravotv.com.

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